Blood Donor Diary Privacy Policy

Blood Donor Diary

All user entered data in to the Blood Donor Diary app stays within the app on the device. This data is not sent to, or retained by the developer. As a consequence if you delete the app from your phone you will loose your data, as the data is stored in the app on the phone.

We keep this app free by showing ads.

This app uses Google Mobile Ads (AdMob) and reports user information to them so that they can tailor the ads to you and they can see whether their adverts are effective. For more information on Google's AdMob privacy policies please visit:

The app gives your the choice to receive personalised ads, so that you can receive more relevant ads, or to receive non-personalised generic ads.

If you wish to change your ad settings (personalised vs non-personalised), click on Change Consent in the Information tab of the Blood Donor Diary app.